Massage Therapy in Kelowna at Premiere Massage

Massage Therapy in Kelowna

Massage Therapy in Kelowna

Premiere Massage Therapy in Kelowna has a team of highly qualified registered massage therapists who offer:

  • deep tissue massage
  • muscle energy, mobilisation
  • myofascial therapy
  • prenatal/postnatal massage
  • sports massage
  • rehabilitative treatment
  • neuromuscular therapy
  • postural assessment and therapy
  • relaxation
  • rehabilitative exercise and education

Need massage therapy in Kelowna ? Premiere Massage provides massage therapy, by therapists who are educated and certified in all aspects of what they practice and strive to provide the best care possible.

Kelowna Massage Therapy prices:


  • 1.5 hour: $150
  • 1 hour: $100
  • 45 min: $85
  • 30 min: $60

User fees: as above minus the ICBC or MSP portion.

  • ICBC: $24.15
  • MSP: $23.00

All prices include taxes.